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Strengths or weakness concept.Marcus Buckingham in his book Go Put Your Strengths to Work, likens weaknesses to enemies. He warns they quietly corrupt our work and life. Do you know what your weaknesses are? Most of us probably have some idea of what they are but don’t take time to identify them clearly. Buckingham gives a 4 step process for identifying what activities weaken and drain you. He uses S.I.G.N. as an acronym to describe each step.

S is for success (or rather lack of it)– A weakness can be an activity that you have tried before and haven’t enjoyed success doing it. It could also be something that you can do quite well but afterwards produces a negative emotional response. For example, you may be excellent at organizing files but if you feel drained after completing it, it is likely a weakness for you.

I is for lack of instinct– If you look for ways to avoid doing certain activities, or you have to brace yourself before doing something, the activity is likely your weakness.

G is for lack of growth– If there is an activity that you find you don’t want to read up on, it too could be a weakness for you. Also, if you find that your performance in this type of activity doesn’t get much better, it is not a good activity for you to concentrate your efforts on.

N is for lack of needs– When you complete a task pay attention to how you feel afterwards. If you feel less creative, less productive, or less like yourself, you have likely uncovered a weakness.

Buckingham says that weaknesses aren’t as obvious as we may think. He writes that “they tend to be hidden behind something more appealing, like, say a promotion.” The good news is you can be aware of your weaknesses by paying attention to clues when you complete activities throughout your day. Feelings of being drained, bored, or disinterested are all signs that point to tasks that are your weaknesses. Although you won’t be able to eliminate 100% of these activities, identifying them helps you. You will better able to take yourself out of situations that drain you and seek the ones that strengthen you.

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