Are you ready to live a fulfilling life?

Are you in a job you really don’t like?

Are you unsure of your career path?

Do you feel you have the potential to do more?

Are you ready to discover your passion?

Achieving happiness in your career is important but discovering your life’s purpose and living it brings deep satisfaction. Experiencing a fulfilling life is something we are all trying to achieve but trying to figure it out on your own is extremely difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. As a professional life coach, I guide you through a process of self discovery which will enable you to determine your life purpose. Through the process, you create a vision of how to live out that purpose. We work together to formulate step-by-step goals to enable the vision to come alive. You receive support and encouragement along your journey to success. The end result – You are living the very dream you created!

My process of living a fulfilling life is a 4 step process called L.I.F.E.:

Step 1: Listen to your heart – Too often we ignore what our heart is telling us to do and we miss out on opportunities that bring us happiness.In this step you discover, or perhaps rediscover, your heart felt desires and what fulfillment means for you.

Step 2: Initiate your Grand Vision – You now begin to create a vision of your fulfilling life. Together we explore various options examining your unique skills, abilities, and strengths. At the conclusion of this step, you have a clear vision of what your new life will be.

Step 3: Formulate your goals – In this step, we work together to formulate goals to achieve your vision. We will also work on clearing any obstacles that may prevent your progress.

Step 4: Execute your plans – You execute your plans with lots of support and encouragement from me. This is the exciting step, you are now living your dream!

Contact me today at 208.424.9191 or email me at LifeCoach@YourFulfillingLife.com and start living your fulfilling life! Complimentary sessions are available.


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