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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What follows is our list of frequently asked questions. Have a question not listed here? Feel free to call or drop me a note on my contact form. 

How long are coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are typically 60 minutes.

How long are coaching engagements?

Typically, there are 4 sessions to begin the coaching process. Clients can decide then how many sessions are needed after that. There is a 25% discount given to clients who purchase 12 sessions up-front. The spacing of the meeting is adjusting to meet the needs of the clients. In all cases, services are offered for no more than 1 year from the date of purchase.

What happens if I don’t use all of my coaching sessions?

A flexible approach is used to allow clients to use services during a 1-year period at a pace that best serves their needs. In some cases, you might find you have enough guidance for the moment and want to set sessions aside for downstream or follow on support. Any unused sessions will expire at the end of the 1-year period.

Are the coaching sessions done in person?

If you are located in the Boise, Idaho area, it is possible to do the coaching in person. If outside the Boise area, coaching is done through phone and/or video conferencing.

Are you a headhunter or do you work with any?

No. Services support individuals with career development, job search preparation, search execution, and career management/promotion. I am not a search firm, nor do I work with any.

I have questions about your services. Can I set up a free intro call?

Of course! You can sign up for a free 30-minute coaching session.