What My Clients Say About Me and My Services

Scott Setterlund, Boise, ID

“I started working with Stacy Harshman after several unsuccessful months. I was immediately taken by her insight to what hiring managers look for, and her depth of knowledge about the employment process. Stacy has a thorough understanding of how a human resource manager approaches the interview process and how they evaluate potential prospects. Not only did she provide effective coaching on interviewing skills, but also helped me to better access the Internet and network with tons of employers. With Stacy’s coaching, I am proud to say I found my ideal job. “

Karen Eldredge, Boise, ID

"I very much enjoyed working with Stacy and feel that her coaching sessions have been very beneficial. I gained some valuable tools and am feeling more confident in the direction I want my career to go. In working with Stacy, I was able to shift my focus and set priorities in areas that needed improvement in order for me to get ahead in the business world. I would highly recommend Stacy's program to anyone who feels they need a jumpstart in life, whether it be on a personal or professional level."

Jackie Englehart, Bozeman, MT

“Stacy provides insightful, effective, and comprehensive questions to guide you through your search for a new career. She uses a personalized approach that includes visualization, brainstorming, and role playing. She really listens to your concerns and needs. She holds the mirror that allows you to see things in a new way. Her professional experience gives her insights into guiding your individual journey. Stacy is inspiring and compassionate.”

Amanda Jacob, Boise, ID

“I came to Stacy confused and overwhelmed. I had been awakened with a career dream and wasn't sure how to go about accomplishing that dream. Stacy helped me to sort out the questions, thoughts, passions, doubts, fears, etc. and focused them on obtaining the life that I wanted. She has been guiding me through the steps needed to achieve my goals. Stacy has been an encourager and support for me. I would not be able to step out into the unknown without her. If you have been gifted with the sight of a better life, a vision of living out what you are truly passionate about, then Stacy's program is the very thing you need to help you with the process and journey of obtaining that life.”

Susan Moss, Coeur d’ Alene, ID

“Stacy was a joy to work with at a time I was struggling to find a new career path. She had creative ideas and went the extra mile in bringing job resources to me that I otherwise would not have encountered. Stacy was a wonderful listener; I felt like she understood me and that her assistance was calibrated perfectly to my personality, strengths, and interests.”

Tobie Dille, Meridian, ID

"It has been my pleasure to work with Stacy. As my career coach she was professional, well prepared, and gave insightful information. Her ideas to help me network with like-minded professionals eventually gave me the results I needed to forward my retail career. Furthermore, she challenged my thought processes and was up to date on all aspects of a career search. I had to come prepared for each meeting since she would ask me challenging questions to ensure results. As a friend I found Stacy to be one of the best supporters of my new endeavors and helped me transition into my new role. Stacy is a contact I will keep forever."

Barbara Jacober, St. Louis, MO

"Stacy has been most professional in helping me identify my natural leadership talents, skills and interests. Her career coaching program validated my individuality and search for meaningful work while also providing opportunity for me to consider new career avenues. I highly recommend Stacy to anyone who is seeking to identify their passion and to reflect it in their life's work."

Matt Shaine, Boise, ID

“What was most helpful was deciding what direction to take my career. I was casting too wide of net. Stacy’s process along with the informational interviewing really helped me narrow down what I wanted to do in my career. It was also very helpful to break down the job search process into steps. “

Melissa Ward, Meridian, ID

"I know that had I not had to opportunity to receive coaching from Stacy I would not have been as prepared or comfortable in my interviews. I had a total of 7 interviews; through it all I found I was confident, relaxed and truly, was just myself. I was amazed that I was not nervous; this came from understanding how to best show off my skills and my personality. I was told that from the first interview to the final 12 applicants, I continued to stand out as the top candidate.”

Breanne Kunz, Meridian, ID

“I highly recommend Stacy Harshman and Your Fulfilling Life. Stacy helped me through the process from searching for more fulfilling work to landing the job of my dreams. Her approach to identifying the elements of work I find fulfilling was eye opening and very insightful. Stacy's wealth of knowledge, contacts, and tools helped me target my search, position myself for greatest impact both on and offline, and confidently move through the application and interview process. “