Career Coaching Services

Providing Life-changing Career Coaching Services

Career Change

Career Coaching can help you discover and transition into a career that truly fulfills you. The process begins by exploring your desires, passions, and strengths. The next step is discovering your own unique personality and what are naturally wired to do. Next is finding out what things really matter to you in a career. The final step is exploring what differences you want to make in the world.

If you are currently working, career coaching helps you to devise a plan to transition out of your current job to the career of your choice. This plan can go as slowly or as quickly as you want to go, it is completely your choice!


Career Management

The process looks at what you want to achieve in the future and a plan to achieve it. Career management coaching enables you to be become the CEO of your life.

Do you want to be promoted? Career management coaching can help you track your performance metrics. This process will assist you in improving the return on investment for your employer or clients. Another aspect of career management coaching will help you to evaluate how you relate to others and how you can advance your “emotional intelligence”.

Most importantly, a career management coaching will provide you with the accountability to stretch yourself and also the encouragement that you need to effectively navigate your life’s work.


Outplacement For Organizations

When organizations announce layoffs, they face negative backlash and resulting damage to their brand. In the 2017 CareerArc Employer Branding Study, 66% of candidates reported they had shared their negative thoughts about an employer that had laid them off, and 64% of consumers reported they had stopped purchasing products from a brand after hearing news of that company’s poor employee treatment. In addition, employees’ negative reviews on sites such as Glassdoor can make it hard for the company to recruit and retain talent in the future.

Companies can decrease the likelihood for negative reviews by offering outplacement services, which helps employees depart on a more positive note. Your Fulfilling Life Career Coaching provides one-on-one coaching for those affected by reductions in force. Sessions are customized to meet the needs of every individual, providing a unique strategy for each person coached.


Student Careeer Coaching

Parents, is your high school student feeling overwhelmed and struggling to discover what career is right for them?

Do you want to help them, but not sure how?

You play a pivotal role in helping your child prepare for their future. Position your student for success by giving the gift of one-on-one career coaching to achieve career clarity.

The M.A.P.® Process is a career coaching program designed specifically for students. Like a road map for a journey, the M.A.P.® process is a 4-session step-by-step process to guide your high school student in discovering their unique career path. Participants will gain greater self-awareness by understanding interests, strengths, and personality traits. Your student will also gain insight into what is personally meaningful to them and how their work can be fulfilling.

Avoid wasting time, money, and energy by helping your child to make wise decisions about their future.

Investment is $350 and includes four 1 hour one-on-one sessions, and 3 assessments (interest, strengths, and personality). All sessions are customized to your student’s unique needs.