Meet the Coach

Working as a recruiter for a large Fortune 500 corporation and a major nonprofit organization, I conducted literally hundreds of interviews with candidates. I came to realize that the vast majority of people have absolutely no idea of what direction to take their careers. Few, if any, really understand what fulfills them. Many seem to “fall” into a career by accident. I realized that I too was falling in the trap of doing something that was no longer meaningful to me. Then, I experienced the power of coaching and my life changed.

I hired my own coach and discovered that my passion was to help others in their search for fulfilling, meaningful work. I followed through on my passion and trained to be a coach through the Coach For Life organization. I then received my certification in Career Management from the Career Coach Academy. In addition to helping people discover their own passion, I also give clients insight into the mind of a recruiter, unlocking the secrets of what employers look for in potential employees. I know what recruiters look for in resumes, what answers they like to hear in interviews, and what follow up they like to see.

Involvement in two worlds, human resources and coaching, gives me a unique qualification to be a career coach. I am a Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), through the Society of Human Resource Management, the most respected HR organization in the world. My Master’s degree is in Business Management from Colorado State University and my Bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration from Northwest Nazarene University.

When I was 12 years old, my Grandmother introduced me to the joys of international travel. I have followed her legacy and have continued to travel to new and exotic places from Morocco to Hawaii. In the summer, I love water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and jet skiing. In the winter, my passion sports are skiing and snow shoeing.