Advance Your Career Through Reading

There is hardly anything better than sitting outside on a sunny afternoon reading a good book. An added benefit of this enjoyable activity is that it can help you advance your careerMargaret Fuller, the first American female war correspondent, believed in reading so much she said “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”   A research study of 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people over the past three decades found there was one thing that all had in common, they were all readers.  Books give us valuable information and enhance our lives.

Here are some ways reading can help you advance your career.

Expands your vocabulary-Reading gives you more exposure to new words which helps with your communication skills.  Being more articulate can go a long way in helping you in your career, plus when you are well-spoken, your confidence increases.

Improves your writing skills- When you read, you are able to observe the writing styles of other authors which helps you to improve your own.  Being able to express yourself more clearly in writing is a sought-out skill in many professions.

Gain perspectives– Reading about different types of people, cultures, and lifestyles helps you to understand others better.  We also are exposed to the feelings of people, which in turn, helps in communicating with colleagues and customers. 

Intelligence– Reading is one of the quickest ways to gain acquire new information.  Because of the knowledge that you gain, you are more apt to be more creative and innovative in your work.

Reading plan- My personal plan of reading is to read for fun in the evenings before I go to bed.  I love to read fictional novels of life in other cultures and time periods.  During the day, I like to either read or listen to business books which I can apply to my professional life of career coaching.  How about you?  What reading plan do you have? 

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Stacy Harshman

Stacy Harshman, founder of Your Fulfilling Life, brings her experience as a recruiter for a Fortune 500 corporation to her work as a career coach. In addition to helping people discover their passions, she also provides clients with insight into the mind of a recruiter, unlocking the secrets of what employers look for in potential employees. Stacy offers individual and group coaching in person and by phone to those seeking positive change in their professional lives.