Job Search

Career coaching helps you get a new job faster. In a study conducted by the worldwide outplacement company of Lee, Hecht, Harrison, researchers found that individuals using a career coach found a job 15-46% faster (varies by income level). According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of weeks of unemployment for a job seeker is 40.5 or 10 months. With a career coach, that number could potentially be reduced to 6 months, giving you 4 months of income saved.

In years past, job seekers could get by with a single resume, mailed out to a few published openings and get work; however, that is no longer true. Job search today is much different and most people have inadequate or very little knowledge on how to effectively obtain a job. Career coaching works with the job seeker to develop targeted job search strategies to proactively seek out work. Potential challenges are uncovered and resolved. Career coaching will help the job seeker to become well known for a set of strengths, talents, and knowledge that are in market demand. Coaching provides accountability to the job seeker and perhaps most importantly, encouragement through a very stressful time.